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Abstract submission 

L’invio degli abstracts per il XXVI Congresso Nazionale AIOM (Roma, 8 - 10 novembre 2024), potrà essere effettuato esclusivamente online.

NON saranno accettati abstracts inviati attraverso posta ordinaria, fax o email. 

Clicca qui per scaricare il documento 
Call for abstracts 
con tutte le informazioni in formato PDF

Il termine dell’invio di contributi scientifici è fissato alle
ore 14.00 di lunedì 20 maggio 2024.
Tale scadenza è assolutamente NON prorogabile. 

Si consiglia di procedere al completamento dell’invio prima dell’ultimo giorno utile. 



Abstract submission Guide - English version

To submit an abstract it is necessary to register an account, with just a valid email address.

The abstract submission procedure, consisting in the following 7 steps, must be completed by May 20th, 2 PM CEST. Entered data can be modified up to the deadline.

The results of the evaluation process will be published on the same website, accessible with the same account used for submission. Submitters will receive email notification as soon as results are published.

  • You can submit more than one abstract with the same account, but one Author can be listed as “first author” only once. For each abstract you can list 1 first author and 19 co-authors maximum.
    If the first author/presenting author is not an active AIOM member, an active AIOM member (that it is not necessarily listed as co-author) should be indicated as “sponsor” of the abstract, at the first step of the abstract submission online process.
  1. First Author
  2. Thematic Area
  3. Title
  4. Text
  5. Keywords
  6. Co-Authors
  7. Submission Note
  • Tables are accepted, it is not possible to insert images or charts; abstract text must be in English, 2500 characters are available, including spaces and any tables.

  • Encore abstract are usually accepted, but it is requested to notify about previous presentation in other meetings at the last step of the abstract submission online procedure.
    COI (conflict of interest) may also be disclosed at the last step of the abstract submission procedure (“Submission Note” space for text entry)

  • Late breaking abstract (LBA) may be submitted for trials in progress which, in the opinion of the presenter, are expected to have relevant results (e.g. significant impact on clinical practice or better understanding of the pathology). Encore abstracts cannot be accepted as LBA. 
    A preliminary version (rational, methods, and type of expected results) must be submitted online by the regular abstract deadline on May 20th.
    Submitters of preliminary versions, upon receiving approval to proceed by the end of July, must submit the final LBA by September 2nd, 2 PM CEST.